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As a Mac user the chances are that you might have been targeted by an advert that is promoting an antivirus software known as Mackeeper at some stage in your life. The chances are that you would have been more prone to receiving one of these ads prior to 2011 since this is when Zeobit sold the company to the now owners who are known as Kromtech. Although Kromtech are obviously still running adverts targeting Mac users the difference is that they don’t seem to be running their ads in the same fashion as Zeobit once did where they used what was found to be and underhanded marketing strategy that used popup ads to inform the Mac user that their computer was severely lacking in disk space and that it needs to be cleaned using their tool.

It has come to light lately that Zeobit have since been hit with a lawsuit to the tune of approximately US$2 million, forcing them to refund their previous customers by operating a Facebook advertising campaign targeting those users. The $2 million isn’t just going to be used to pay all of their ex-customers however since a lot of this will go towards paying the legal fees incurred during the trial and to pay the lawyers and solicitors involved.

Of course Kromtech are still within their rights to market their product and you will still see some adverts from time to time but they will not be in the same annoying fashion as their predecessors engaged in. Whether it was Zeobit’s fault or their affiliates is not up for discussion, but one thing is for sure and that is that this type of marketing really got up people’s noses as can be seen on the many forum and blog entries on some of the top Mac related websites online.

How discussion today isn’t about the advertising practices of either company. Instead we would like to talk about the benefits of Mackeeper and how you can use its to help you in your daily tasks. What’s more we even have a surprise for you in the form of a Mackeeper coupon code that can save you 20% if you decide that Mackeeper is our software that you would like to install on your Mac or MacBook Pro.

What you might be surprised to learn is that Mackeeper is more than just a simple antivirus solution for your Mac. Not that we are dismissing the antivirus module as this is the main core of the program and is perhaps one of the best on the market for Mac computers. But there are 15 remaining miniature applications that come with the premium version of Mackeeper to further boost what is already an incredibly versatile tool.

Some of the best features besides the antivirus module are the data encryptor tool, the junk files remover, and the ability to remove duplicate files from your system’s hard drive. If you have never used any other program to remove junk files and duplicate files from your system then prepared to be shocked as in our opinion any typical Mac user will be able to save not just megabytes but gigabytes of space on their hard drive.

By using a Mackeeper coupon code you can make savings on the purchase of your first license. The coupon code will only work if you have never used one before and this is because Kromtech have changed the setup from what was previously was where you could use it on each time you purchased their product. Because of this it’s always our recommendation that if you are going to use a Mackeeper coupon code then you should use it on as long as a monthly plan option as possible so that you get the biggest savings on your purchase.

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