Fossilised Amber Teething Necklace

Perhaps the most important feature that amber possesses lies within the succinic acid that is held inside this old fossilised material. Genuine Baltic amber is the most powerful of all and can be dated back almost 4,000,000 years. Mined in large quarries in Western Europe in an area known as the Baltic region, people have been using it to treat their pain for thousands of years. It’s only been relatively recently that people had the idea of using this material in the form of an Amber teething necklace to help deal with the struggles of teething problems that every child have to go through.

Besides looking cool, when a child where is one of these Amber teething necklaces it is said to calm them and reduce any pain that they could be feeling as a result of the teething process that their mouths are going through.

This succinic acid is not the type of corrosive or acidic acid that you would usually consider. Instead it is completely harmless and actually beneficial substance which can pass easily through the skin from that piece of amber as the skin begins to heat to the temperature that it is needed to do so. By supporting the immune system, restoring health and reducing pain in young children, the Amber teething necklace is one of the most important discoveries of the 21st-century.

In the past people would use a cocktail of many drugs to help their children in dealing with the stress and pain that is caused by teeth beginning to protrude through the gums. If it was drugs that they were using then it was old tried, tested and failed methods such as the damp cloth method, all of which have been proven to fail on many levels.

You shouldn’t be misled into believing that Amber teething necklaces are designed to be chewed. Don’t worry though if this was your initial thought then perhaps now is the time for us to admit that we also not the same as well in the beginning when we first heard about them! However the truth is that these are designed to be worn around the neck and should not be chewed upon under any circumstances. Even though the succinic acid is passing through the skin around the neck area it still has the desired effect and reduces the feeling of pain in as little as 10 minutes after placing it around the neck.

While you shouldn’t leave any child unattended as they were an Amber teething necklace for fear that it could strangle, choke or kill them, you should try to make sure that your child gets to wear them as much as possible while they are teething. These are dangerous products so always make sure that they are only wearing them while under your supervision. Some people like to take chances by letting the child wear them all day long and even as they sleep at night but this is something that we would never advise.

With that being said the people who allow them to wear them at night generally wrapped around their children’s ankles and cover them with a sock to reduce the risk of strangulation. If this is something that you are interested in then by all means go ahead and try it but our advice always is that the child should not be left alone or even out of your sight while wearing jewellery of this nature. The chance for strangulation is just too high in our opinion.

When I think of amber I often think of the scene from Jurassic Park where the man takes the mosquito from the piece of tree sap to create the first dinosaurs. But this is exactly how Amber teething necklaces are made. It’s that same tree sap that is used, but the only difference in this case is that in order for your necklace to be called a genuine Baltic Amber teething necklace, the Amber itself has to come from a part of the world known as the Baltic region which is actually in Western Europe. It’s only this Baltic Amber that has the most healing properties per square millimetre and anything less than this should be avoided.

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