Are Reborn Dolls Silicone Babies?

The problem that I see many reborn doll artists run into is not being sufficiently qualified in marketing their creations. Some of these people are the most artistic people I have ever seen and produce some of the most amazing silicone babies. But there is no point in creating the world’s best lifelike baby doll if you don’t know how to get it before people’s eyes were interested in buying it. It’s such a shame really because there is quite a demand for silicone babies at this time and the trend seems to be an ever increasing one.

One girl I know in particular is probably the best silicone baby doll artist in the world. She spends all of her time creating the perfect looking dolls and not enough time in getting the word out about them. For this reason she is almost close to financially broke having poured her life savings into doing what she loves best. It’s such a shame to see her struggling in this way and if I could help then I would but I to don’t specialise in the field of marketing.

Perhaps she should advertise her reborn baby dolls on Facebook, Google or other advertising platforms or even pay for a professional marketer to do the work for her, but she seems to stubborn to give up any percentage of business even if it means making a profit. I’m not really into silicone babies as a hobby but I know there is huge demand for them and even that some other girl to create them are making up to $2000 for every sale that they make. This is ridiculously huge money to be leaving the table but once again this girl who shall not name doesn’t seem to want to learn or take any action. It seems she would prefer to go into financial ruin rather than take the risks that she needs to take in order to sell more silicone baby dolls.

Maybe I’m being quite cruel but this is what she needs. Granted, she has opened an account on eBay and Amazon to list the lifelike baby dolls for sale, but she doesn’t have an idea of how to ship them or even how to properly optimise her page on these websites so that they will appear higher and attract more sales.

Each of the dolls that she creates are unique and have their own little personality. From the cute little buttons right the way up to the genuine human hair that is used under silicone scalp, everything about the reborn dolls that she creates screams authenticity. I once saw her pushing one in a stroller and asked myself how did I not know that she was pregnant and had her own baby. It wasn’t until I got up close to her that I began to realise how stupid I had been and that the child in the stroller wasn’t a child at all; it was actually one of her newly made silicone babies!

Caring for one of these dolls is certainly a lot easier than caring for her real-life baby. The good thing about them is that you can actually put them down and forget about them for hours on end without having to worry about them. I know there are many parents who use them as a way of teaching their children the feeling of how a real child can be such a burden. They do this to prevent their children from wanting to have their own child as too early an age in life. Besides this there are also anatomically correct silicone babies for sale as well but these are just a little too strange for my liking with their all to lifelike bits. I’m sure they have a good use but they are not something that I would ever consider getting and thankfully my friend doesn’t make these type of reborn dolls either.

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