Saddles For Sale For Your Horse

If you have a broad backed horse or a saddle that is too small then you will most likely be putting your horse under a lot of duress that it doesn’t need to be suffering from. This is mainly because with horses of this stature or in the case where you are using a saddle that is too small, the saddle will constantly be rocking forward and backwards creating tension under stress points along the horse’s withers.

The tree is situated underneath the horse saddle. No two trees are ever alike as they are hand made and often contain different designs and bar patterns they can even measure slightly differently from even some in the same production line. Even if you were to buy the exact same tree that you have previously purchased some years earlier, the chances are that the manufacturer would have slightly changed the template that he was using to keep up with modern times.

Finding saddles for sale that will fit your tree can be quite daunting but when you eventually find what you are looking for it will begin to come more naturally to you the next time you search for a new saddle for sale. You must ensure that all costs that the angle of the tree at the front of the saddle is large enough so that it can fit comfortably on the horse and not being into his rib cage. If you don’t pay attention to this crucial detail the horse will have all of your pressure placed upon his rib cage which can limit his breathing abilities and even crack his ribs if you go over a jump.

Don’t get drawn into the marketing aspect of buying a new saddle for your horse. Every retailer wants to squeeze as much money out of you as possible and will blind you with the most amazing looking saddles for sale. This is the job of course and we can’t blame them, but at the end of the day your horse doesn’t give two hoots if the saddle that you are buying costs $300 or $30. All the horse cares about is whether or not it will fit and be comfortable on his back. Of course he would rather ride around bareback as it would in the wild, but since this is not possible you need to give them every comfort that they can get and starting with the basics such as choosing the right saddles for sale is the advice that we can offer.

If you don’t have the money to buy a brand-new saddle would find that the current one that you own is rocking too much, then instead of letting the stress grow on any longer, you could always pop for a second-hand saddle instead. Second-hand horse saddles for sale are much cheaper than if you were to buy one new and you can pick one up for as little as $120. Naturally the second-hand saddles that you get for this price will be more antique than anything, but if you want a good quality pre-loved saddle that looks and feels as if it were brand-new then you should consider paying $200 - $250.

As with buying one brand-new, you shouldn’t get too emotionally attached to how the saddle looks. The most important thing is to get one for your horse that will keep both of you safe and secure at all times.

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